e-FM,Bihar: हरियाली मिशन, अरण्य भवन, पटना

Our Vision

       The Environment and Forest Department,Government of Bihar has fixed a target to have 15% of its Geographical area under Forest/Tree Cover between year 2012 and 2017 under Krishi Road Map. Accordingly Hariyali Mission has been launched to achieve the targets. In the First Phase of the Mission, Poplar has been introduced in the north Bihar at a large scale. Besides,different Forestry species have been also promoted under Agroforestry Project. Under Agroforestry Project ,the state Government is also giving incentive on the basis of the survival of plants after one year,second year and third year of Plantation. after the completion of four years of the mission, the need was felt to develop a platform for providing the linkages between growers and purchasers/Industries/Manufacturers in market. Hence, e-Forest Mandi,Bihar is the plateform developed by the Environment and Forest Department,Government of Bihar to facilitate Growers of Poplar and other miscellaneous Plants, medicinal plants or Minor Forest Produce as well as Purchasers of timber, saw mill owners, ply mill/pesting units owners, MFP Industries owners as well as bigger firms will interact directly with each other and approach for the sale or Purchase of these produce. It provides the information about the timber Depots of the Forest Department and different Acts and rules pertaining to sale and purchases from the department. It is being developed for the knowledge and information sharing to facilitate sale/purchase, quality improvement and to reduce the nexus of middlemen.
Latest Update
Registration for Growers/Purchasers/Farm Equipment suppliers/Manufacturers/Service Provider /seed suppliers in Mandi Platform

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