Madhepura e-Mandi,Bihar: Madhepura, e-Mandi

Welcome to e-Mandi Madhepura, Bihar

       Madhepura District is situated at the bank of Kosi River. So the flood situation is occurred every year. Due to flood the soil becomes fertile as the many nutrients are deposited in the Soil. Due to soil fertility the productivity of every Crop is at par the average National productivity. But the Farmers have the complain that they do not get the profit/Benefit with respect to their cost of cultivation. To solve this problem the district Magistrate of Madhepura decided to prepare a dream project name E-Mandi Madhepura with the support of ATMA and KVK Madhepura.

About us:- The E-mandi Madhepura is a platform for the farmers to provide the actual rate of their produce and products. With this mandi they can sell/export their products at their choice rate without any bargaining or the marketing agents. In this Mandi there is an arrangement that only the quality products will be allowed to sell/export which ever will be certified by Agricultural KVK Scientist.

Objectives:- The only objective of E-Mandi Madhepura is provide actual rate of the Farmers produce/products. So that their economic and social level could be raised.

Our Vision:- The main vision of the Mandi to raise the social economic level of the original farmers. We are giving a platform to such farmers we get the very low price of their produce with the cheating of the marketing agents/businessman. In this Mandi the farmers can upload their framing produce/products.
a) Cereal crops- Wheat, Maize, Rice
b) Pulses Crops- Gram, Moong, Arhar, Beans
c) Oil Seed Crops- Rai, Sarso, Soyabean, Sunflower, Castor
d) Spices Crops- Ginger, Turmeric, Chelly, Coriander
e) Fruits Crops- Mango, Litchi, Guava, Banana, Papaya
f) Medicinal Crops- Satavers, Kalmegh, Mentha Oil, leman grass, pipli, Lata kasturi
g) Vegetables Crops- Potato, Onion, Oal, briangal, ladiesfinger, Radish, Carrot.
h) Cash Crops- Mashroom, Jute, Sugarcane etc.

* We the district administration, ATMA and KVK wish the all success of this E-Mandi, Madhepura with the prosperity of our farmers.